My design journey started in my native land of Santiago, Chile, where at a young age, I discovered that my biggest passion was for art; experimenting with colors and drawing different cartoon characters day and night. At the age of 16 I arrived in the US, completely motivated to learn the necessary skills to make my dreams a reality. This same motivation led me to the Art Institute of California-Orange County where I further developed my design abilities and started to understand the importance of design, both to myself and the world around me.
I believe graphic design is a powerful communication tool that can change a person’s views and open their mind up to new ideas. As a graphic artist I am faced with different problems every day, but I am always aware that there are solutions around every corner. It is just a matter of choosing the correct one.
With this need to provide better design solutions, I have helped create visually enticing brand work, reached out to new audiences, and engaged people with new and original concepts. Using my skills as a web, print, and marketing design expert, I have contributed to many successful campaigns. With each project I have learned and grown as a designer and found new and exciting ways to create and innovate.
This website presents some of my best design work and reflects my love of design and my passion for creating exceptional work.
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