The Maury Immersive Experience

In today's uncertain times we are all aware of how the pandemic has affected so many people and industries.  Health professionals recommend that we all practice social distancing until the threat passes. Some of the biggest events in the world have already been canceled. Many states have closed venue sites and banned large gatherings of people. When these kinds of events are essential to the company's business, the question comes up; How do you host events if your guests can’t be in the same physical place?

As a solution I created a virtual immersive lab/booth to showcase in an interactive way the company's best-in-class solutions as a leader in the Engineering industry. Virtual events are useful ways to continue to hold events without compromising anyone’s safety. This immersive experience lets our users take a closer look from different angles to our products and integrations. In addition, the annotations not only contain details and description of the products, but also links to videos and other Marketing materials such as catalogs and data sheet.

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